Forthcoming socials and other events

For all enquiries relating to socials please contact Emma Lloyd.

Punch Party: Fri, 10th May 2019

Cost: £0.00

Meet: David Collet Common Room - 20:00

Hello Hikers,

You know the drill by now - we buy alcohol, drink it, then fail to get to the union in time for FND. Fun will be had by all. The theme is Good Vs Evil. Read into that what you will. I'm thinking angels Vs devils, cops Vs robbers, Batman Vs joker, that sort of thing. Get creative. Possibly partner up with someone? Or do half and half yourself? Like symbolising the internal battle within. One half be your conscience and the other part be the part that wants to break the rules. There's plenty of scope to do something with that.

ADVENTURE GOLF: Sun, 12th May 2019

Cost: £12.00

Meet: Swiming pool car park - 13:00

Clear your diaries people! This is the must do event of the final term of the year. We're going to the adventure golf place in Nottingham. 36 holes of fun and adventure await! Please let me know explicitly if you intend to join either through Facebook (Ben Gunn) or via email ( BEFORE 8th MAY! so I can plan transport. The 12 cost is for the adventure golf only and does not include transport. If we have enough drivers then we will go by car. I'm sure if you pay for parking, people will gladly drive. Sort it out with your driver.

15 spaces available

41th Birthday Party: Sat, 22nd Jun 2019 - Sun, 23rd Jun 2019

Cost: £0.00

Meet: Village Bar - 19:00

Rejoice! The hiking club turned 40 last year! And we only noticed after it was too late so to celebrate this momentous occasion, we're having a big celebration. It's the first Saturday after exams. All members old and new are welcome to attend. The more the merrier!

The night will start with a pleasant meal where members old and new can catch up with friends and reminisce some of the great hikes of the past. This will be followed by a disco boogie with a hiking club theme.