Wenlock Edge

Wenlock Edge is a 15mile long limestone escarpment (whatever that is) that will hopefully make for a lovely walk in the Shropshire hills. It's 400 million years old so ask Ben if you want to know how it got there.


Contact Tom Jobbins and Anthony Gillard for more information & bookings
DateSun, 19th May 2019
MeetSwimming pool at 07:50:00
Rating (Moderate)
Weather3 day regional forecast
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Confirmed booking list

  • Ben Gunn
  • Shuheng Luo
  • Frances Stephens
  • Pavla Wernerová

Provisional booking list

  • George Bakewell-Smith
  • Lily Draper
  • Anderida Field
  • Thomas Jobbins
  • Oliver Lee

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