Vodka & Donut/Booking Evening

First meeting of the year and the only booking evening for Autumn 2008 trips and socials - miss it, miss out!

Your chance to hear more about the club, find out about our events and get a short presentation from the committee.

As a bonus, there will be free vodka and doughnuts supplied, before the evening turns into a social at Stupid Tuesday! The Stupidest ever price of 1.60 for a drink and a shot, a great opportunity to get to know people.

The meeting is in the James France Building (building 58 in Central Park on the campus map). Just follow the footprints to the right room!

Note: We can't take bookings unless you've paid online first! So if you haven't/can't signup, go to our signup surgery session. Same room, starts at 18:00 and is free.


Contact Emma Lloyd for more information & bookings
DateTue, 7th Oct 2008
MeetCc0.11 (James France Building) at 19:00:00
Area-- Loughborough --