We'll be climbing Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales, with a range of walks according to your ability. Sunday will be a more relaxed walk. Come along for beautiful views - and lots of sheep.


Contact Alessa Voigt & Leah Tirion Hamilton for more information & bookings
DateFri, 2nd Mar 2018 - Sun, 4th Mar 2018
MeetSwimming pool car park at 18:00:00
Rating (Intermediate)
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Weather3 day regional forecast
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Confirmed booking list

  • Ankush Agrawal
  • George Bakewell-Smith
  • Jake Blackman
  • Roman Bumberger
  • Federica Buriani
  • Shivam Daudia
  • Charles Fear
  • Alex Field
  • Anderida Field
  • Ben Gunn
  • Lizete Ozolina
  • Deirdree Polak
  • Nhyoumila Tuladhar
  • Selma Uskuri

Provisional booking list

  • Christian Abbott
  • Shreya Garg
  • Leah Hamilton
  • Arthur Le Geyt
  • Aidan McLucas
  • Anthony Miller
  • Yi Wang

Thought you were booked on this event, but your name is listed as provisional? Please check your bookings page for full details.