Rutland Water

A relaxed hike with the chance of seeing a variety of wildlife after a short coach ride to the smallest county in the UK.


Contact Thomas Griffiths and Jake Blackman for more information & bookings
DateSun, 2nd Dec 2018
MeetSwimming Pool Car Park at 07:50:00
Rating (Easiest)
Weather3 day regional forecast
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Confirmed booking list

  • Bambi 1
  • Bambi 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Bambi 4
  • Bambi 5
  • Matthew Coe
  • Lily Draper
  • Cerys Dunmow
  • Anderida Field
  • Anthony Gillard
  • Alexander David Hanneman
  • Callum Hatzel
  • Christopher Jeffery
  • Edith Langford
  • Sarah Legg
  • Rebecca Leigh
  • Tamy Saad
  • Frances Stephens
  • Stephen Westcott

Provisional booking list

  • Thomas Griffiths
  • Lydia Hayden

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