Go - Karting

We will be racing to a badass go-karting track where will be able to race each other. Come along and lets see who will be the fastest! Are you ready for some bangin' adrenaline!

Race Gear and Transport is Free!


Contact Hannaan Bhatti for more information & bookings
DateWed, 21st Feb 2018
MeetLSU - Student Union at 15:30:00
Area-- Loughborough --

Confirmed booking list

  • Ben Aldridge
  • Niall Allen
  • Hannaan Bhatti
  • Anthony Miller
  • Euan Ramage
  • Jake Robinson
  • Selma Uskuri

Provisional booking list

  • Aidan McLucas
  • Benjamin Nowak
  • Lilly Reynolds
  • Madeleine Ryan Tucker

Thought you were booked on this event, but your name is listed as provisional? Please check your bookings page for full details.