Committee minutes

The club committee meet on a weekly basis, usually in a library meeting room, to make the decisions to run the club. We coordinate trips, plan socials, organise transport/food plus anything else that comes up! Members have the right to sit-in on a meeting (but not vote on any proposition), please email the committee for more info.

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Current display: 2019

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Meeting date Download
17/03/2020 177.7K
03/03/2020 177.3K
25/02/2020 179.7K
18/02/2020 179.1K
11/02/2020 211.7K
04/02/2020 179.4K
07/01/2020 221.2K
10/12/2019 272.7K
03/12/2019 196.7K
19/11/2019 300.8K
12/11/2019 235.9K
05/11/2019 353.7K
29/10/2019 732.4K
22/10/2019 196.9K
15/10/2019 208.9K
08/10/2019 189.2K
06/09/2019 244.7K
28/05/2019 739.3K
21/05/2019 786.1K
14/05/2019 89.3K
08/05/2019 229.4K
30/04/2019 741.2K